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These can be made at PayPal.me/bellsandmotley
If you would like to receive a signed CD gift in recognition, please just ask!

OUR ETSY SHOP for Instruments & Books www.etsy.com/shop/Monteviola
For lovers of vintage & early instruments -- you know the variety we play -- we have an Etsy shop where we sell them. Not much up there right now, excepting the custom instruments John builds. But we have quite a number of instruments from our own past that we would like to refurbish and sell, such as historic and Celtic harps, mandolins & ukuleles, guitars, English Concertinas, Turkish kanun, zithers, autoharps, all manner of early winds including baroque oboe, crumhorns, curtal, shawms, Renaissance recorders, and of course a hurdy gurdy. Call to inquire, and we will prioritize your request for refurbishment.

CDs are $15.00 plus $2.00 postage/handling in U.S. There are three options for ordering --
1) click the "Add to Cart" links below for secure payment by credit card, via PayPal. Each CD will ring up as $15. + $2.
2) If you wish to add a donation, or provide instructions, pay instead via our new PayPal.me/bellsandmotley option
3) If you want to order by postal mail -- download and print out a copy of this order form -- and mail along with a payment by check made out to Sondra Bromka, 36 South Street, Marcellus NY 13108

UPDATE concerning the newest CD "AYRES & GRACES" (below)
Most of the recording for this CD was done a while back, as so many of you know! With only a few more favorite pieces to finish, we had an equipment breakdown! We are on the lookout for a used CD burner that takes both analog and digital input. Please let us know if you encounter one, or have ideas!

For BOOKS, see below

Branslez! 1450-1750
"Courtly & Country Instrumental Music for the Dance"

from France, England, Ireland, Brittany, and Flanders.
Millefolia Music

Track Listing
  1. Courante
  2. The Cuckoo
  3. Allemande & Nachtanz
  4. Premiere Suyette de Bransles d"Escosse
  5. Allemande & Nachtanz
  6. Fayne I Would
  7. La Magdalena
  8. Sword Dance Tune
  9. Neptune's Horses
  10. En Avent Deux Travers
  11. En Avant Deux Plouec/Le Turlubino
  12. Over Many Miles
  13. Intrada
  14. Sailing into Walpole's Marsh
  15. Carolan's Draught
  16. Meillionen, or The Clover of Merioneth
  17. La Grande/Drops of Brandy
  18. La Grande Ourse/Boeing Sept-Quatre-Sept

Artists & Instrumentation
    Sondra Bromka on hammered dulcimer, Celtic harp, recorders, crumhorns, button accordeon, psaltery, field drum, and bodhran

    John Bromka on lute, hurdy gurdy, recorders, fiddle, Irish cittern, mandolin, mandocello, shawm

    With Guests Alexander Raykov on bass viol da gamba, and Scott Robinson on English concertina

Wassail! Yuletide Music of Yore

A Celebration of the Christmas season with music reaching back into the centuries. Includes English folk Wassails and Medieval Carols, portent legends set to haunting melody, and lively French Dancing Carols. Here is a link to our WASSAIL! CD LINER NOTES
Millefolia Music

Track Listing
  1. Drive the Cold Winter Away    Preview
  2. Pat-a-Pan
  3. Gabriel Fram Even King/Angelus Ad Virginem
  4. Good King Wenceslas
  5. Melchior et Balthazar
  6. Lullay, Lullay; Als I Lay on Yoolis Night
  7. As It Fell on A Holly Eve    Preview
  8. Make We Merry, Both More or Less
  9. The Boar's Head Fanfare
  10. Masters in this Hall
  11. Heigh Ho Holiday
  12. Somerset Wassail    Preview
  13. Gower Wassail    Preview

Artists & Instrumentation
    Sondra Bromka on hammered dulcimer, Celtic harp, recorders, button accordeon, soprano and sopranino shawms, pennywhistle, and bodhran

    John Bromka on hurdy gurdy, Irish cittern, lute, guitars, viol de gamba, alto and tenor shawms, portative organ, recorders, gemshorn, mandocello, and curtal

    With Guests Cynthia Skafidas and Ruth Lord, both on harpsichord; Richard Sherman on violin; Gayle Ross and Phil Eisenman on Boar's Head vocals.

Seasons & Lovers

In this our first recording, we present an almanac for the year, our young hearts and passions expressed through a cycle of traditional music from the Celtic and British lands, to reveal untold mysteries.
Millefolia Music

Track Listing
  1. Nonesuch/Gathering Peascods
  2. North Hill May Song/The Primrose Blooms
  3. John Barleycorn    Preview
  4. Upon A Summer's Day/A Trip to Paris     Preview
  5. All of A Row
  6. Parson's Farewell
  7. Green Grow'th the Holly
  8. Fast Roger
  9. Greensleeves & Pudding Pies
  10. The Unfortunate Tailor
  11. The Whistling Thief/The Gentleman Thief
  12. Mayden Lane    Preview
  13. King Willie/Son Ar Chistr (Breton Cider Anthem)
  14. Hare's Maggot

Artists & Instrumentation
    Performed by Sondra Bromka and John Bromka on recorders, bouzouki, psaltery, concertina, fiddle, button accordeons, guitar, mandolin, pennywhistle, and Breton bombarde

Ayres & Graces

In this our most recent recording of instrumental pieces, we present our old hearts and passions, to reveal new mysteries. Here's a list of what is soon to be released.
Millefolia Music

Track Listing
  1. La Ridee
  2. The Britches Maker
  3. Marche du Sebrevet
  4. Constantine in Carria
  5. Lady Athenry
  6. Jenny Plucked Pears
  7. Planxty Burke
  8. Galician Suite
  9. Wilde Hills of Wannies Suite
  10. ...and yet more!
Artists & Instrumentation
    Performed by Sondra Bromka and John Bromka on an assortment of their favorite instruments, featuring a foundation on harp and hammered dulcimer, colored with recorder, guitar, Northumbrian smallpipes, and hurdy gurdy.

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1. "Faires & Festivals:
Renaissance & Medieval Guidebook for a Successful Event"

100+ pages of information for school and community projects on a multitude of useful topics, including costuming, music, dance, and much more. "Faires & Festivals" Book is $25 plus $2.00 shipping (media rate).

See the entire "Faires & Festivals" Table of Contents by clicking here.

2. "Geoffrey Chaucer's Chanticleer's Tale"

A Pageant of Music and Theater for children's performance, specially scripted by Sondra Bromka. Complete with extensive teachers' guide, scripts, more. Currently available in conjuction with a Bells & Motley scheduled arts-in-education residency, at no charge. For more information, contact artists.

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